Treasurer & Financials

Role of the Treasurer's Office

The treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the District who reports directly to the Board of Education. The major responsibilities of this office include accurately maintaining all financial records, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, payroll and benefits. The CFO is also responsible for filing the district’s Five-Year Forecast semi-annually. It is an important budgeting and planning tool. Recent submissions of the forecast can be found below. 

Five-Year Forecast

The five-year forecast is the primary document used to assess the financial health of a public school in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Education requires the district to file this report at least twice annually. At the time of completion, it is an educated prediction of how the district will financially perform for the current year, as well as four additional years into the future. This management tool engages district leadership in long-range planning of the financial issues facing the district. It is important to realize that this document is a tool and is subject to change as time progresses. Adjustments and changes will inevitably happen between the first and even the second year, let alone the fifth. One of the most important pieces to the forecast are the assumptions or notes. These assumptions provide support and explanation for the numbers. 

About The District's Permanent Improvement Funds


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Kyle Smith ([email protected]) assumed the duties of Treasurer in January 2017, after serving for four years as Assistant Treasurer in Upper Arlington City Schools.  Mr. Smith was formerly Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer of the Portsmouth City School District in Scioto County. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in finance from Ohio University. He has continued his education, with additional course work in school law, school finance, ethics, and economics.  He is active in several professional organizations, including the Ohio Association of School Business Officials and the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association. He also works on legislative initiatives to support and advocate for public school funding.

Kyle Smith, Treasurer/CFO
Bexley City School District
348 South Cassingham Road
Bexley, Ohio 43209
(614)  231-7611

Office of the Treasurer Staff

Jennie Well, Fiscal Specialist
Accounts Receivable, Budgetary Accounts, Employee Benefits/Leave of Absences

Jody Anderson, Payroll Manager
Payroll and Employee Benefits/Leave of Absences

Karen Armstrong, Accounts Payable
Budgetary Payments to vendors, invoices, and purchase orders

Auditor of State Award

Bexley City Schools Treasurer's Office was awarded the Auditor of State Award. This award designates the district had a clean 2019 audit.