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Increase in Property Values Does Not Equal Automatic Increase in Property Taxes

By now, property owners should have received their proposed property values from the Franklin County Auditor. It is important to remember that an increase in property value does not generate an equivalent increase in property taxes and it definitely does not generate a windfall of additional taxes for Bexley Schools.This is all because of a bill from the 1970s called House Bill 920 (HB920). HB920 impacts all of the voted mills for a district, with the exception of inside millage. HB 920 prevents school districts and other local taxing authorities from collecting more money as property values increase, instead adjusting the amount each resident pays based on community averages. Our community average is 27%.

HB920 is in place to provide stability for residents and taxpayers and, at the same time, requires districts to ask for inflationary increases through ballot initiatives.

School funding and property taxes are complicated, and it is difficult to summarize it all in digestible amounts. Residents are encouraged to visit the county auditor’s website at for more information about how your home’s appraisal may affect your property taxes beginning in 2024.

Published September 28, 2023 | District Newsletter

School Finance Note
July School District Income Tax Receipts Fall by More than $1 Million

Bexley Schools’ quarterly school district income tax receipts fell by $1.2 million in July, a 22% decrease compared to July 2022.

This year’s significant decrease was projected, as Bexley Schools Treasurer Kyle Smith forecasted a future decrease of more than $1 million in the district's November 2022 and May 2023 Five-Year Forecast revenue projections. An important resource for Mr. Smith is the Finance Advisory Council, comprised of community members who assisted him in confirming this limited data-driven assumption.

Bexley Schools’ latest five-year forecast, issued in May, is available on the district’s website. The five-year forecast is the primary document used to assess the financial health of a public school in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Education requires each public school district to file this report at least twice annually.

School district income tax receipts are the district’s second largest revenue source. It is received quarterly and the July payment is typically the largest of the year. The schools’ .75% continuous income-tax levy was approved in 2004.

Image of a bar chart showing five years of Bexley Schools July income tax receipts

Published September 7, 2023 | District Newsletter

Bexley Schools’ Five-Year Forecast
Projections Show No Additional Revenue Needed in Immediate Future

During the May 10 meeting of the Bexley Board of Education, Treasurer Kyle Smith provided a report on the school district’s five-year forecast. The five-year forecast, which is updated and submitted to the Ohio Department of Education each May and November, is the primary document used to assess the financial health of the district.

According to the latest forecasted projections and assumptions, the district will have a positive cash balance through Fiscal Year 2027. However, the district is expected to spend into the cash reserves/balance as early as Fiscal Year 2024.

Prior to last week’s Board meeting, Mr. Smith met with the schools’ Finance Advisory Council to discuss the forecast. He said everyone on the advisory council was in agreement that the district had sufficient revenues and would not need to seek additional revenue before the end of the 2023 calendar year.

According to Mr. Smith, “Two key factors have kept us from deficit spending this far past our 2019 levy: the one-time federal dollars related to the COVID pandemic and sizeable increases in School District Income Tax payments.”

Mr. Smith also went into detail about many of the unknowns of future revenue projections, which include flat funding of state support, potential income tax anomalies, and an upcoming property tax reappraisal from Franklin County.

“While it is rare for Bexley to see a reduction in property tax collections and state aid payments, we have experienced reductions in the School District Income Tax payments,” he explained.

In 2022, the Bexley Board of Education passed a cash-reserve policy stating that if the schools’ five-year forecast should have less than 70 days of operating cash within the first four years, the Treasurer shall report such a finding. The forecast presently shows 96 days of operating cash in Fiscal Year 2026, but 33 days in Fiscal Year 2027.

The complete five-year forecast document is available on the district’s website.

Published May 18, 2023 | District Newsletter

Bexley Schools Treasurer, Staff Receive State Audit Award

Image of a man sitting at his desk looking at the camera with 3 women standing behind him" class="imagealign_left" src="" alt="Image of a man sitting at his desk looking at the camera with 3 women standing behind himBexley Schools’ Treasurer Kyle Smith and his staff recently earned the Auditor of State Award for having a clean audit of their work managing the school district’s finances.Given by state Auditor Keith Faber, the award recognizes Ohio government entities that meet the criteria of a “clean” audit report. “Clean” audits show no findings for recovery or indication of any weaknesses or deficiencies in their record-keeping or financial processes, nor indicate any financial or other concerns, such as public-records or banking issues.

Additionally, the district received an “Outstanding Achievement” designation in relation to open and transparent government. Using a star system, the state auditor grades government entities on whether they follow the auditor’s seven best practices in regard to the state’s Sunshine Law requirements.

The “Outstanding Achievement” rating is the state Auditor’s second-highest designation, indicating that Bexley Schools follow up to four of the state’s best practices.

“The STAR-rating program is new,” said Treasurer Smith. “We’re happy with our ‘Outstanding Achievement’ rating, but now we’re aiming for the highest designation in the future.”

Published March 30, 2023 | District Newsletter