Social & Emotional Development

Social/Emotional Development

District programs in this area promote an environment that intentionally enhances relationships among students, staff, parents and community members. Programs about character education, bullying prevention, anger management, drug/alcohol prevention, violence prevention, positive behavior supports and peer mediation will lead to understanding and managing emotion, building positive, long-lasting relationships, showing empathy for others and problem solving constructively and ethically.

Guided by Student Survey Data

The school district collects data from students that informs programs to help them thrive as they mature.  Bexley uses the Search Institute's framework of 40 Developmental Assets that "identifies a set of skills, experiences, relationships, and behaviors that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults."  The 40 Developmental Assets model calls for intentional action on the part of the entire community -- including parents, businesspersons, teachers, religious and city institutions, and all Bexley residents, as well as the students themselves.  Bexley's most recent Search Institute survey results from spring 2013 are available for review under "Resources," as well as Me and My World survey results for grades four and five.

Programs 2016 - 2017

Projects and activities supported by School Climate Grants include the following:
  • Bring Bisenius Back will provide all elementary students across the district with practical, concrete and research-based techniques for disrupting harassment and building self-efficacy in the face of verbal, physical, social, and/or cyber-harassment. Specific strategies and plans of action for student bystanders, those targeted and those excluded will be candidly revealed, discussed and modeled with student, parent and faculty audiences across this year-long project.
  • The professionals of Love Without Hurt will supply programming that responds effectively to House Bill 19 – Tina’s Law which requires teen dating violence education for all Ohio students in grades 7 - 12.  Based on national best practices, including research-based Safe Dates curriculum, Love Without Hurt will teach participants to recognize communication that promotes leadership, advocacy and peer support.
  • Sixth graders will join Bexley Middle School starting in fall 2017, an event that will introduce considerable change for the school community.  The social and emotional needs of the incoming sixth graders will be unique and require a new approach. The Boomerang Project provides a transition structure that links eighth grade to the incoming sixth grade and establishes meaningful relationships. Staff will be formally trained in the “Where Everybody Belongs” (WEB) program offered by the Boomerang Project, and many of the eighth grade students will serve as mentor leaders to the new sixth grade students.

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