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Community Engagement Session #4 – Facilities Plan Options

May 21, 2024 (Tues.) - 7-8:30 p.m. - Bexley Public Library Auditorium, Lower Level 

May 22, 2024 (Wed.) - 9-10:30 a.m. - Bexley Public Library Auditorium, Lower Level

Community Engagement Session #3 - Learning Environments Summit

Architects from Perkins&Will presented a report to the Bexley Board of Education on April 10 summarizing Phase 1, the assessments phase of the District Facilities Planning and also led two Community Engagement meetings this week, previewing the next Options Phase.

Steve Turckes, a principal architect with Perkins&Will, encouraged the audience of Bexley school families and residents to adjust their mindsets to start thinking of the future when considering the important task of Facilities Planning.

As an example, he said, “In the year 2060, a child whose parents are not yet born will attend Bexley City Schools. This child will likely not know you, us, or others who created this District Facilities Plan and the vision for their educational experience. If you gauge the historic nature of the schools you have today, it’s very likely that whatever the solution, the outcomes here will still be in place whenever this child walks through the doors of those schools.”

Following Mr. Turckes’ presentation on how schools have changed since many Bexley schools were built decades ago, Perkins&Will principal architect Aimee Eckmann began a photo tour of modern learning environments being used in schools throughout the country and abroad.

Flexible and adaptive space was a central theme to the learning environments she presented. She also suggested that school spaces should “work hard” – with the ability to be amended easily for a class need, a performance, or a community meeting or event.

Community Engagement Session #2

Bexley Schools hosted the second Community Engagement Session as part of our Facilities Planning work on March 12, 2024. During the meetings, leaders from our architectural design partners Perkins&Will and Moody Nolan shared information on physical and educational assessments completed on each of our school buildings.

The presentation of building assessments for each school wraps up Phase 1 of our Facilities Planning work.

During the meetings, Brent Wilcox, an architect from Moody Nolan, presented an overview of the physical assessments of each building, such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing, lighting, doors and windows, and drainage.

The next part of the presentation focused on an educational analysis of the building, using diagrams of the Middle School/High School building as an example. The diagrams showed circulation, daylight availability, room size, and more. Following the presentation part of the sessions, attendees were invited to view assessment diagrams for each building. Each building’s principal was available to answer questions.

This part of the meeting also focused on the differences in learning options and opportunities today compared to when the buildings were built decades ago, and also compared the size of each school’s site area to what the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission recommends for today’s school facilities.

Toward the end of the formal presentation, Bexley Schools Treasurer/CFO Kyle Smith explained that bond issuances are how schools typically pay for facilities-related projects. Bexley Schools last issued $27 million in bonds for school projects in 2000. That debt expires in 2027, he said. Mr. Smith also discussed how millage is determined in property taxes, as well as the cost of an example project and how inflation and other issues affect projected costs. The example numbers were developed by our architects.

To better understand the assessment information, information on bond issuances, and example costs, you are encouraged to watch the video of the Community Engagement Session.

>  Presentation Slides

School Building Assessment Diagrams

Community Engagement Session #1

January 23, 2024, marked Day 1 of Bexley Schools’ facilities planning process and nearly 80 members of the Bexley community, including parents/guardians and staff members, attended our first community engagement sessions featuring our architectural design partners.

The schools’ architectural design and facilities assessment partners were introduced during both sessions and the principal partners of Perkins&Will and Moody Nolan were introduced to the audiences. Perkins&Will and Moody Nolan have collaborated on numerous school projects over the past decade and have worked together on more than 1.5 million square feet of educational learning spaces.

Steve Turckes, principal at Perkins&Will, explained that the planning process will have three parts, including the assessment phase, which we’re in now. Phase two and three will focus on options and decisions. Phase three will conclude the early part of 2025. “We are really at the very beginning,” Mr. Turckes said. “We don’t walk into this with any preconceived notion of what’s going to come out at the other side of it. We’ve done this process with any number of school districts and clients here in the U.S. and abroad. I have a lot of faith in the process that a good outcome and one uniquely tuned to Bexley will come out the other side of this.”

Watch Video of Our First Community Engagement Session 

Strategic Plan Recommends a District Facilities Plan

Facilities Planning Community Feedback Form

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End of Phase I Report

This report was created by Perkins&Will architects and includes a summary and overview of each Bexley school building.

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