Bexley Blueprint

District Goals

The Bexley City School District's Blueprint guides all work in order to attain the District's Mission and Vision. Our mission is to provide educational experiences that engage, equip and empower each student. The  "Bexley Blueprint" will guide us to engage, equip, and empower each Bexley student both today and tomorrow.

The Bexley Blueprint is BOLD and will: 

  • Build upon a student-centered learning culture
  • Open doors that lead to flexible and expansive future opportunities
  • Leverage and grow vital community relationships
  • Develop a high-performing team 

It is our goal to be Bexley Bold!

Below is our Bexley Schools Learner Profile. Bexley Schools' mission is to provide educational experiences that engage, equip, and empower each student. We are successful when our students graduate engaged, equipped, and empowered to pursue pathways of their choice and to define success for themselves. The Bexley Learner Profile defines what it means to be an engaged, equipped, and empowered learner, and ultimately, graduate. 

Bexley City Schools District's Core Values

  • Improvement
  • Inclusiveness
  • Individuality
  • Innovation
  • Inquiry
  • Integrity
  • Investment 

State of the Schools 2020

Bexley Learner Profile

Experiential Learning

Instructional Coaching