Masking Update

On Tuesday, March 1 during a special board meeting, the Bexley City Schools Board of Education passed a resolution to move to a mask optional environment beginning on Friday, March 4.

We understand that while some are looking forward to this shift, we also know that others are hesitant about the change. It is very important that all in our community continue to show one another respect and empathy as we move forward.

Several factors have led our district to believe this is a safe next step. This includes analyzing current data trends showing declining students and staff cases, high Bexley vaccination rates, and updated guidance from the CDC, Franklin County Public Health, and the City of Bexley.

Over the next two days, please take the time to consider this option with your student and have a conversation about respecting the personal choice of others. The resolution states, “no person shall be subject to discipline, harassment, or other mistreatment for choosing to voluntarily wear a mask or for not wearing a mask where such use is either not required or an exception applies.” As we prepare for this transition, our staff and principals will reiterate these values to all our students.  

We encourage families to use the following tips to talk to their students about the upcoming masking policy shift at Bexley City Schools:
  • Starting Friday, some families will choose to wear a mask and some families will choose to not wear a mask - both choices are OK.
  • Our choice as a family will be to wear a mask/not wear a mask because that is the best choice for us.
  • It is never okay to tease, laugh or question someone else's choice to wear a mask or not wear a mask.
  • It is okay for your classmates to have a different choice; we respect other families' choices, and they will respect ours
It should be noted that there are still times when masking will still be required.

  • Students and staff returning to school after a COVID positive absence will still need to follow Ohio Public Health’s recommended guidance that states that, regardless of symptoms or vaccination status, a person must wear a mask for Days 6-10 from the date of symptom onset or test date if asymptomatic.
  • Students and staff returning to school after being identified as a close contact will need to follow Ohio Public Health's recommendation and wear a mask for 10 days after their last date of exposure.
Thank you again for your continued support of our staff and students throughout our district’s response to the pandemic.

Jason Fine