February 11-15 Updates

Your children participated in an incredible Cub Gathering this past Friday.  Local author Michael Rosen allowed the entire school to experience new book he’s publishing through a noisy and fun group read. 

Students were awarded Learner Profile certificates and we learned that more than 900 tickets were turned in to our office indicating the number of times our students were caught in the act of demonstrating the Cub Code!  This was followed by our first Cub Code Raffle.  

Mr. Pinciotti and Mr. Manchester also introduced to an incredible art project/process for our entire school.  Parents will be hearing about it as we progress this semester, and you’ll be seeing the installation during Art Hop on May 9th.  You might ask your child about the following lyrics they’ve been learning:


When final bells have rung

And graded days are done

Consider all the lessons that endure

We've learned to think and care

We've learned to be and share 

Making us the best that we can be 


Cassingham’s Kindness Challenge

Cassingham Elementary is participating in The Great Kindness Challenge!  This is a proactive and positive bullying prevention initiative that improves school climate and increases student engagement.  The Great Kindness Challenge is one week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible at school.   Students will be provided with a checklist of 50 kind acts and challenged to work independently, in small groups, or as an entire grade level to complete all 50 challenges during the week of February 11-15.  

For more information about the GKC, or to register for the free family kindness challenge, follow this link: https://thegreatkindnesschallenge.com/

PTO Spirit Wear Sale & Info Session

Tuesday morning, February 12th during arrival, our PTO Spiritwear will be available for sale in front of the Cassingham Office.  Come on in, through the main entrance to check out some new items and consider joining the PTO board for an information session regarding the tremendous ways they support our schools educational programing. 


Ohio State Tests: 5th Grade, Science

Please note correction of 5th grade Science test dates and thank you to the folks who have alerted me to my error.  Students will experiene those assessments on Thursday, April 11 and Friday, April 12.  

English Language Arts

  • Wednesday, April 3: Part 1, Grade 3
  • Thursday, April 4: Part 2, Grade 3
  • Friday, April 5: Part 1, Grade 4
  • Monday, April 8: Part 2, Grade 4
  • Tuesday, April 9: Part 1, Grade 5
  • Wednesday, April 10: Part 2, Grade 5

Make-up English Tests: April 4-April 18


  • Thursday, April 11: Part 1, Grade 5
  • Friday, April 12: Part 2, Grade 5


  • Tuesday, April 23: Part 1, Grade 5
  • Wednesday, April 24: Part 2, Grade 5
  • Thursday, April 25: Part 1, Grade 4
  • Friday, April 26: Part 2, Grade 4
  • Monday, April 29: Part 1, Grade 3
  • Tuesday, April 30: Part 2, Grade 3

Make-Up Science and Math Tests: April 12-May 2