February 4-8 Updates

State Testing schedule update

Due to challenges with the state testing calendar windows provided by the Ohio Department of Education, we are compelled to revise the testing schedule we sent you last week.  We had hoped that all our elementary schools could test on the same schedule but due to constraints with devices, personnel, and spaces the Cassingham schedule will be slightly different than Montrose and Maryland. A lot of consideration was given to creating a schedule that is as positive as possible for students while still allowing us to operate within the time constraints given by the state. Administrators from each school in the district worked together this week to devise a schedule that will work for all tested grade levels. 

We sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause you. However, we still ask that you try and avoid scheduling appointments on testing days if it all possible. Thank you for your patience and for partnering with us as we all work together to help our students show what they know.

English Language Arts

  • Wednesday, April 3: Part 1, Grade 3
  • Thursday, April 4: Part 2, Grade 3
  • Friday, April 5: Part 1, Grade 4
  • Monday, April 8: Part 2, Grade 4
  • Tuesday, April 9: Part 1, Grade 5
  • Wednesday, April 10: Part 2, Grade 5

Make-up English Tests: April 4-April 18


  • Thursday, April 11: Part 1, Grade 5
  • Friday, April 12: Part 2, Grade 5


  • Tuesday, April 23: Part 1, Grade 5
  • Wednesday, April 24: Part 2, Grade 5
  • Thursday, April 25: Part 1, Grade 4
  • Friday, April 26: Part 2, Grade 4
  • Monday, April 29: Part 1, Grade 3
  • Tuesday, April 30: Part 2, Grade 3

Make-Up Science and Math Tests: April 12-May 2

Elementary Play Auditions Auditions for the elementary school play Haphazardly Ever After will be Monday, February 4 and Tuesday, February 5 from 3:30 to 5:30 in the Cassingham theater. Please prepare a short poem where you can include acting.  Crew interviews will be Thursday and Friday.  

Additional grade-level news is now available on website-https://www.bexleyschools.org/cassinghamelementaryschool_home.aspx

Celebrating the 100th Day of School is a BIG DEAL around here.  Thanks to the many volunteers who’ve arranged to assist with our celebrations.  Even though it's actually our 99th day of school (oh, those polar shenanigans!) our lunch-making sessions will take placeon Monday, February 4th.  We'll be in Kindergarten classrooms OR the Community Room for 1st grade.   Special thanks to Heather Weiland who will deliver our lunches to  Faith Mission and Broad Street Food Pantry.