News from the Cassingham Art Room

News from Mr. Pinciotti in the Art Room

Through a grant from The Bexley Education Foundation, our fourth graders are excited to design VANS-style tennis shoes customized for a local business. This project teaches about the design process and working to meet the needs of a client.  Twenty, local business people have donated their time for interviews with our fourth-grade artists. The information about their company that students learn through the interviews will inform their design choices. Mr. Langolf (Sync Creative) started the project off for students by providing an insider’s look into marketing and design careers. Students are excited to begin this project; look for design proposals to be displayed during our Spring Art Hop.

Kindergarten and 1st graders will continue to work with the color wheel, color mixing, and using art terminology.

2nd graders finished paper weavings inspired by Kente weavings from Ghana.  They are beginning to consider the delicious artwork of Wayne Thiebaud.

3rd graders took a deep dive into the life of Vincent Van Gogh and created a still life. Did you know he created around 900 pieces of art in about 10 years?

5th graders are starting their family and/or friend benches using clay, a Cassingham tradition.