NEWS: School Board Approves One Replacement, Two New Positions

The Bexley School Board of Education approved two new and one replacement positions during the Tuesday, February 4, 2020 meeting.

The following positions’ job descriptions were approved: Middle School Assistant Principal, Behavior Analyst, and Coordinator of Special Education.

Bexley Middle School has had an administrative intern acting as Bexley Middle School Assistant Principal the last two school years. The intern option allowed us to place a teacher in the role temporarily before deciding if the role should be an assistant principal. After hearing feedback from the Bexley staff, the district felt it was necessary to make this a permanent position. There is little impact on our budget, since this role is replacing the current intern position.

The rise of mental health needs among our students is indisputable and providing support is a focus of Bexley City Schools. We must be able to meet the needs of the students and provide resources to our staff. A behavior analyst has been advocated for by community members, principals, counselors, and teaching staff. The state budget provided wellness grant funds specifically to address social and emotional needs of students. These wellness dollars will allow the district to hire a behavior analyst at little to no impact on the general fund budget.

Our work in special education continues to grow, as the need for more attention is necessary to provide to our parents and staff. The Bexley Schools Coordinator of Special Education is designed to support our special education staff in order to best design caseloads, align services, and manage schedules so our teaching staff can be best situated to meet the needs of students. This district has federal funds from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that we haven't fully utilized over the past few years. That money will fund 75% of this position. 

These positions were recommended to the board after months of listening to input from administrators and staff, talking to the community during the levy campaign, and reviewing our data. The board unanimously expressed their support to hire each of these positions.