Publications and Reports
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Mailed to every Bexley household, the quarterly Checkpoints to the Community features school news, achievements and events.   Recent editions are available as downloads:
            Volume IV.2016 - 2017  Black History Month celebrations; AdvancED accreditation
Volume III.2016 - 2017  BMS Transitions; Guest Author Jacqueline Woodson; Superintendent Search
Volume II.2016 - 2017   Creativity Week; Superintendent to Depart in 2017; RtI Training
Volume I.2016 - 2017    Back-to-School; 43209/Bexley Town Hall on Substance Abuse; PI Fund 
Volume V.2015 - 2016   Graduation 2016 and AP; Treasurer on Permanent Improvement (PI) fund
Volume III.2015- 2016   Support for learners; "What Sixth Grade Would Look Like at BMS"
Volume II.2015 - 2016    National Merit Semifinalists and "Late Start Activities"
Volume I.2015 - 2016    "Assets Model" and Back to School information and photos 
Volume V.2014 - 2015    "Transitions 2015," "Learning>Awareness>Action at Cassingham,"

The school district publishes and mails a printed calendar showing school events and activities, as well as a brochure detailing visual and performing arts events.  
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Featured Publications
Bexley's programs are often featured in various educational publications, which can be downloaded here: 

Annual Report
The Bexley City School District publishes an Annual Report to the Community at the end of each fiscal year:

Bexley City Schools publishes an annual arts event calendar with art, music, literary and theatre events.

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Report Cards 
The most recent school report card information (2015 - 2016) can be found on the Ohio Department of Education web site. Individual school report cards can be found here: