Best Practices in Bexley City Schools
Each of Bexley’s five schools follows a research-based best practice to help students thrive in a changing world.  The district also maintains a focus on continuous improvement, with the goal of getting better all the time. Bexley's continuous improvement process, based on the Ohio Improvement Process, includes elements of:
    • collaborative leadership
    • data informed decision-making
    • district systems accreditation
    • educator appraisal systems
Best practices feature:
    • a research base that has been shown to improve student achievement over time in schools with similar characteristics;
    • a broad-based consortium providing professional development support for teachers implementing the practice;
    • external mechanisms to monitor program implementation in order to assure maintenance of program integrity.
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Best practices review
While academic content is standardized across the district’s schools, best practices adopted by each school inform how the curricula is organized and taught. Each building’s best practice supports how district curriculum guides are translated into units of study and provides philosophical underpinnings for daily school operations and ongoing professional development of teachers.

The district reviews best practices on a cyclical basis, gathering evidence that shows the best practice is still effective and producing continuous improvement. Evidence includes:

   • Student performance data
   • Student growth data
   • Student satisfaction (attitudinal data)
   • Parent/guardian satisfaction (attitudinal data)
   • Staff satisfaction