Image that says January is National School Board Recognition Month With Gratitude, We Recognize the Members of the Bexley Board of Education for their support and commitment to our students, faculty and staff!
image says Championing Our Future in the center with the Bexley logo with 4 students in a classroom on the left and a group of high school students on the right with 2 high school girls in the forefront
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Image of 4 young teenaged boys standing at a work table with one boy working on a LEGO robot with a competition clock in the background
Image of 4 actors on stage during a high school play with a boy and a girl on the left and a girl in the center with her arms extended and a girl on the right
Image of 2 young students at a table with the girl on the left making a heart with her hands while looking at the camera and the girl on the right looking at the camera
Image of a male librarian standing in a school library talking to students who are sitting at tables facing him
Image of 4 high school cheerleaders gathered together looking at the camera while holding their pom poms

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Our Mission

To provide educational experiences that engageequip, and empower each student.

Fast Facts

Advanced Placement Scores of 3+


“Success” on an AP Exam is defined as an exam score of 3 or higher, which is a strong predictor of a student’s ability to persist in college and earn a bachelor’s degree.

Bexley High School Varsity Sports


A high number of Bexley students – some 88 percent among secondary students -- participate in extracurricular activities.

Average SAT Score (out of 1,600)


Bexley students consistently outperform their statewide and national peers on the SAT. We strive to support students in achieving outstanding scores.