April 1-5 Updates

As students tackle the attached schedule of Ohio State Tests in English/Language Arts, Mathematics and Science over the month of April, the Cassingham faculty and I ask for your patience and understanding.  Schedules will shift in ways we can predict, and in some ways we cannot. Somedays, we'll be sharing lab spaces with middle and high school students as they access Cassingham computers for their tests. Some  tests will require 90minutes to complete, others will require 75; so special area classes and special services schedules will also be impacted as we accomodate testing requirements. 

The great news is that amazing demonstrations of powerful learning continues all around our schools.  Please mark your calendars for some exceptional culminating experiences for students over the next two months:    

  • Cassingham 2nd graders are writing, staging and producing plays on Friday afternoon, April 5th during our Cub Gathering.  These plays center on postive choices social/emotional health and peer relationships.  I watched an impressive practice for one confident group of actors in the theater today.
  • Our annual 4th Grade Market Day will occur in the morning of Friday, April 12th in support of Partners in Conservation.  The 4th graders will be creating business plans, marketing and selling products and services to their Cassingham schoolmates during this real-world economics, social studies, math and language unit of study. 
  • Primary students will have the chance to demonstrate their Geography prowess during our 3rd Annual Primary Geography Bee on Friday afternoon, April 26th. 
  • And the grand-culminating project of their elementary experience is beginning for our 5th graders.  They are framing their personally-informed studies of topics, plotting to take meaningful action to address challenges, and working with adult mentors from across our community, to inform these action-research projects.  Their work will be presented on Thursday evening, May 23 a week prior to their graduation day!  

 Please do not hesistate to contact your child's teacher or our office,  if you have questions regarding testing or these upcoming demonstrations of learning.    

-Jeannine Hetzler, Principal

Ohio State Tests

English Language Arts

  • Wednesday, April 3: Part 1, Grade 3
  • Thursday, April 4: Part 2, Grade 3
  • Friday, April 5: Part 1, Grade 4
  • Monday, April 8: Part 2, Grade 4
  • Tuesday, April 9: Part 1, Grade 5
  • Wednesday, April 10: Part 2, Grade 5

Make-up English Tests: April 4-April 18


  • Thursday, April 11: Part 1, Grade 5
  • Friday, April 12: Part 2, Grade 5


  • Tuesday, April 23: Part 1, Grade 5
  • Wednesday, April 24: Part 2, Grade 5
  • Thursday, April 25: Part 1, Grade 4
  • Friday, April 26: Part 2, Grade 4
  • Monday, April 29: Part 1, Grade 3
  • Tuesday, April 30: Part 2, Grade 3

Make-Up Science and Math Tests: April 12-May 2

Internet Safety with Jesse Weinberger, for PARENTS ONLY  

The Bexley Parent Institute is hosting author and cyber-expert, Jesse Weinberger at an ADULTS-ONLY event April 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the Schottenstein Theater. Weinberger will share how to keep students of all ages safe in a digital society. Topics will include media literacy, cyberbullying, sexting, sexual predation and practical strategies to implement at home with your students. You can register at https://bex.fyi/Jesse 

Summer Academy

Summer Academy registrations are now open and posted on the Bexley Schools website. You'll find the link to the webpage under Find it Fast on the district page and on each of the school webpages.