Video: Dr. Fine's Day One

Hello, Bexley City Schools! I’m Dr. Jason Fine and I’m so excited to begin as your Superintendent.

Today may be “Day One,” but I have already hit the ground running. For the last few weeks, I have been meeting with many of you in the community and our distinguished staff to ensure a seamless and smooth transition as we plan for the new school year.

It is clear to me that Bexley is distinct - unlike any other.

I’ve begun my time here asking a lot of questions, inviting a lot of conversations, and digging in to discover what makes the Bexley City School District and the Bexley community so Distinctly Bexley.

Here’s what I’ve already learned: It’s the staff. It’s the students. It’s the families. And it’s the community. Together, you have cultivated an ecosystem that values education and a commitment to growth and development. I am thrilled to continue this trajectory alongside all of you.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some opportunities to connect with you both in person and virtually. Please, if you see me out and about, introduce yourself and tell me about your family and your time in Bexley. I want to hear your experiences, thoughts, and dreams for our schools, our students, and our community.

The future is bright! Together, with the distinctly talented staff of Bexley City Schools, we will continue to push boundaries and provide an inclusive, world-class education full of experiences that prepare our young people to be unlike any other - truly, uniquely, and Distinctly Bexley!

Thank you sincerely for the warm welcome and go Lions!