BCSOS Enrollment

Any student who resides within the Bexley City School District may apply for full-time enrollment in BCS Online School. Enrollment in BCSOS is considered an intradistrict open enrollment in alignment with Board Policy JECBD.  Application must be made in writing using the Intradistrict Open Enrollment form, obtained on the district website or from the district office no later than the business day prior to the first day of the school year or second semester.  Approval will be based on space availability and with consideration of the individual student's learning needs to ensure maximum student success.  Partial enrollment or dual enrollment with another Bexley school will not be granted.  Applications to transfer enrollment to a district building must be filed by December 1 to transfer second semester or April 30 to transfer at the start of the new year.

Students are subject to Ohio compulsory attendance laws.  Attendance will be documented by the curriculum provider and assigned teacher of record based on completed assignments and time in the instructional system.  All required notifications and state reporting apply to students in BCSOS.

In accordance with Board Policy JECBB, students who do not reside in Bexley are not eligible to enroll.