Day to Day Logistics for E-Learning

Case Managers

Each student is assigned a case manager.  The case manager’s role is to make sure students are completing assignments, being successful, and troubleshooting.  They are available by email, and you can schedule an individual virtual meeting as needed.  They will be your first point of contact if you or your student needs assistance.  Case managers are assigned as follows:


Ohio law requires students to be actively participating in school experiences, even in an e-learning situation.  Case managers will be documenting attendance based on student progress through the e-learning assignments.  Students will be considered as having attended if they completed all of the expected number of assignments or lesson modules within the week.  This will be evident by students showing as "on track" in SchoolsPLP.   Students typically must complete one lesson per course per day order to stay on track.  When a student logs in and clicks on one course, there will be a list of tasks visible.  One column lists the target date to have each task completed.  Look at what is due for the day and have your student complete all of those tasks.  We do not expect students to complete work on non-school days.  After much work with the company, we have finally been able to get students' pacing guides to reflect the district scheduled days off, so students should not have tasks assigned for those days.

Assignments can be completed during the day or evening, weekdays, or weekends.  Students may work ahead in one or more courses if they choose.  If students are not on track when attendance is taken, they will be marked absent or present for each day based on the time spent in the SchoolsPLP class and the number of assignments completed.

**If a student is ill or for some other reason will not be doing their e-learning for a day or more, please notify both the school office and case manager so the absence can be recorded as usual.  If you have a doctor's note to accompany that illness, please submit to the office as usual. 

Grades and Report Cards

It is expected that all work completed in the SchoolsPLP system is done by the student.  While parents, guardians, or caregivers may provide support in navigating the lesson or clarifying an idea or concept, the student should be doing the activities and assignments with independence.

Most of the courses will automatically grade assignments and report those grades for immediate feedback within the SchoolsPLP system.  Parents and guardians can monitor student success with lessons in this platform.  **High school individual assignment grades will not be entered individually in Powerschool.  They will only be visible in the SchoolsPLP Platform.

At the end of each quarter, case managers will transfer student grades or standards mastery to Powerschool in order to generate a report card.  Students will receive a Bexley report card in the same manner as all other Bexley students.  **For the first quarter, high school students who begin e-learning on September 21 will have a quarter grade that is a combination of the grade from their original classes through 9/21 (weighted at 4/9) and the grade in SchoolsPLP (weighted at 5/9). 

Community Building

Case managers will host weekly live videoconference meetings with the students they oversee.  These weekly meetings, which will last 30 minutes to an hour, are opportunities for students to interact with one another.  Discussion topics may help students get to know each other, provide opportunities for students to share challenges and successes they have experienced with e-learning, share tips that may help each other with managing time or resources, or simply socialize for a short time.  Counselors may occasionally visit these meetings to help provide social emotional support, as well.  Case managers will contact families with the schedule for these meetings.

Students in the e-Learning Academy may participate in afterschool extracurricular activities.  Please contact the activity coach, leader, or advisor for more information.  E-learning students may also participate in the fall theater programs led by Ms. Becky Rhinehart, which will occur virtually.  Programs will include a 4-5 play, middle school play, two high school plays, and a high school improv event.

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