Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Curriculum Audit

Audit Process Overview

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure Bexley City Schools is an inclusive district, a team conducted a culturally-responsive curriculum audit of our English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum for grades 6-12.  This was a continuation of our curriculum review cycle established by Board policy, and the review of ELA was just the first to include this component in the process.  A multi-stakeholder group reviewed a sampling of curriculum materials used in our 6-12 ELA classes to ensure they are representative of diverse groups and perspectives and promote teaching practices rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion. The process used was based on the work of NYU's Education Justice Research and Organizing Collaborative.  Small working groups collaborated in February and March 2021 to review assigned samples with a core team consolidating findings and making recommendations for next steps.  The findings of the core team can be reviewed in the presentation below.

The work of this team is available for public review on this page.  Notes from each meeting have been posted below along with related documents.